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Dilay is a 3D sculpting application that provides an intuitive workflow using a number of powerful modeling tools. As each tool locally subdivides the mesh where more details are required, Dilay allows artists to rapidly create complex meshes.

Dilay is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License and is available in the Download section for Windows and Linux.


2016/05/01 There now is a Dilay subreddit.

Feel free to post feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and most importantly, visuals of your creations that have been modeled with the help of Dilay.

2016/04/10 Dilay 1.5.0 release

2016/02/14 Dilay 1.4.0 release

2016/01/03 Dilay 1.3.0 release

2015/10/31 Dilay 1.2.0 release

2015/10/04 Dilay 1.1.0 release

2015/08/20 Dilay 1.0.1 release

2015/07/20 Dilay 1.0.0 release