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Dilay is a 3D sculpting application that provides an intuitive workflow using a number of powerful modeling tools. As each tool locally subdivides the mesh where more details are required, Dilay allows artists to rapidly create complex meshes.

2017/12/18 End of development

Dilay is no longer being actively maintained and developed.

2017/11/07 Dilay 1.6.1 release

2017/10/30 Dilay 1.6.0 release

2016/06/28 Due to personal reasons, the development of Dilay currently experiences an unexpected slowdown. This is only temporary and there will be a new version of Dilay not later than early 2017. In the meantime, please continue posting feedback, bug reports, and feature requests either over at Github or /r/dilay.

2016/05/01 There now is a Dilay subreddit. Feel free to post feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and most importantly, visuals of your creations that have been modeled with the help of Dilay.

2016/04/10 Dilay 1.5.0 release

2016/02/14 Dilay 1.4.0 release

2016/01/03 Dilay 1.3.0 release

2015/10/31 Dilay 1.2.0 release

2015/10/04 Dilay 1.1.0 release

2015/08/20 Dilay 1.0.1 release

2015/07/20 Dilay 1.0.0 release